Elon Musk gives $100 million to fund Boring Co. tunneling projects

The Boring Company, Elon Musk’s tunneling startup, has raised $113 million in equity. Among the funding round’s investors is Musk himself, who financed more than 90% or roughly $100 million of the total amount.

The amount of the Boring Company’s funding was disclosed in the company’s US securities filing on Monday. According to the SEC document, the latest financing round involved 31 investors, featuring Musk and 30 unnamed individuals who covered the remaining ~10% of the $113 million. According to a Bloomberg report, the Boring Company noted that neither outside investors nor venture capitalists were included in the recent funding round.

Interestingly, Elon Musk is not listed in the Boring Company’s SEC filing. The document, which could be viewed here, only lists two names — Jared Birchall, who is involved in Musk’s Neuralink initiative, and Steve Davis, a SpaceX engineer. Birchall is listed as The Boring Company’s executive while Davis is listed as the tunneling startup’s director.

Davis’s personal LinkedIn page is rather spartan, listing only his work in SpaceX. Birchall’s profile, however, reveals that he is tenured in the financial field, with ten years worth of experience in Merrill Lynch before working in Morgan Stanley for more than six years. He currently serves as the Managing Director of Family Office.

The recent private stock sale is the first of the company’s funding deals disclosed to the SEC. Prior to the filing, The Boring Company has been raising money in rather unconventional ways, such as selling novel merchandise like hats and flamethrowers. Earlier this year, the Boring Company Flamethrower (later renamed to Not a Flamethrower), sold 50,000 units at $500 each, raising $10 million for the tunneling startup. The sale lasted only for a few days.

Recently, Musk announced the startup’s next product, called the Boring Bricks. The bricks, which are life-sized interlocking LEGO blocks, will be sold as kits for weekend projects and as material for low-cost housing. Material for the Boring Bricks will be taken from the rocks and dirt excavated by the company’s tunnel boring machine.

The Boring Company was founded by Elon Musk almost as a result of Twitter banter with his followers, with the billionaire entrepreneur stating that an underground tunnel system is key to solving traffic problems. Despite these lighthearted roots, however, the Boring Co. has managed to take significant steps since it was formed last year.

The tunneling startup currently stands as one of two final bidders for the proposed, high-profile downtown Chicago-O’Hare transportation system. In a later tweet, Musk even suggested that Chicago would probably be better off just committing to both The Boring Company and O’Hare Xpress LLC as contractors for the project. After all, according to Musk, monopolies are “so boring.”

Apart from Chicago, The Boring Company is also pursuing projects in the Los Angeles, and Baltimore-Washington area.

Elon Musk gives $100 million to fund Boring Co. tunneling projects
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