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Elon Musk converts $10M of SolarCity Notes to 33,333 shares of Tesla stock at $300/share

A new SEC Form 4 filing shows that Tesla CEO Elon Musk converted $10 million in SolarCity Senior Notes for 33,333 shares of Tesla stock at a $300 per share price. The ‘Zero Coupon Senior Notes’ being converted were acquired by Musk on December 7th, 2015 for $10 million and not due until 2020.

Musk’s decision to convert his SolarCity notes at a $300 strike is not great timing, financially speaking, considering where TSLA was trading at as recently as last month when it was valued at $250 per share. That said, Tesla stock continues to see an upswing even since the original April 21 transaction date, resulting in an unrealized gain of approximately $370k on the 33,333 shares of Tesla stock, based on today’s $311 price per share. The conversion of SolarCity Senior Notes is seen more as an administrative transaction, as the resulting number of shares gained is a little more than a few drops in the bucket when compared to the 33,599,088 number of shares of Tesla stock Musk owned prior to the transaction.

The serial tech entrepreneur has always been bullish about the financial future of Tesla so it doesn’t come as a surprise to see Musk continue to invest back into the company, now with over $10 billion in Tesla stock and the company’s largest shareholder. Wall Street is beginning to come around in terms of valuing Tesla, not by its financials, but rather the company’s vision for a better tomorrow. Shares of Tesla continue to surge on positive news that Model 3 is on track for production beginning in July.

Sightings of a near production-ready blue Tesla Model 3 were spotted yesterday around the company’s Silicon Valley-based headquarters. The public reveal is expected to take place in July, followed by the opening of the Model 3 Design Studio.

Source: Tesla Investor Relations

Elon Musk converts $10M of SolarCity Notes to 33,333 shares of Tesla stock at $300/share
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