Tesla CEO Elon Musk responds to Giga Shanghai workers and bonus reductions

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk said he was alerted about Giga Shanghai workers’ discontent regarding a potential reduction in bonuses as supervisors at the plant cited a “safety incident” as the reason for the cut after a worker’s death in February.

This morning, we reported on Giga Shanghai employees being vocally upset about bonus cuts, appealing to CEO Elon Musk and the Chinese public for support.

In addition to the appeals, employees at the Chinese factory also criticized the automaker’s response to a February death of an employee, as some questioned whether the lack of bonuses would be connected to the incident.

Musk said earlier today that he “was alerted this weekend” of the situation and would be “looking into it.”

Giga Shanghai has been one of the most crucial manufacturing facilities in Tesla’s lineup, and with workers getting their concerns responded to directly by the CEO of the company, we will likely see a response in the coming days.

A report from Reuters regarding the situation stated that some workers who wished to remain anonymous said their supervisors had informed them that quarterly bonus payouts would be smaller as the factory’s overall performance had dropped. Workers had also cited a “safety incident” as a reason for the cut. Employees took to Chinese social media platforms like Baidu to state they felt they were being unfairly penalized.

An accident at the Giga Shanghai welding workshop had led to a worker’s death, although an investigation into the incident concluded the worker was directly responsible for the incident.

Bonus cuts had been reported in the amount of roughly 2,000 yuan, which is roughly $291.

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk responds to Giga Shanghai workers and bonus reductions
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