Elon Musk shows off Tesla’s finished Giga Texas entrance, reception desk

Credit: Elon Musk | X

Tesla completed the main entrance to its Gigafactory in Austin, Texas, as can be seen in a photo posted by CEO Elon Musk. In addition to the photo of the entrance, Musk also showed off the new reception desk, featuring an angular design not unlike the forthcoming Cybertruck.

Musk shared a photo of the Giga Texas entrance on X on Tuesday, showing off the highly reflective design of the newly completed entryway. The walkway leading into the factory includes large, rectangular white archways that can be seen reflected on the ground, along with huge walls of windows on the face of the building.

Here are a few other shots of the Giga Texas entrance from fellow X users @Greggertruck and @JoeTegtmeyer.

Credit: Joe Tegtmeyer | X

Credit: Joe Tegtmeyer | X

Credit: Greggertruck | X

The entrance was completed just in time for a meeting between Musk and Hungary President Katalin Novák on Monday, in which the two discussed the world’s birth rates, Ukraine and the Cybertruck, all in the company of Musk’s son X Æ A-12. The visit even included a test drive of the Cybertruck, which Musk also did with Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu last week.

Just inside the door is the building’s reception desk, which Musk also featured in a post on X later in the day. The desk includes a trapezoidal shape and hard, angular corners like the Cybertruck, along with an opening in the middle. The area is surrounded by rectangular beams similar to those seen in the entryway, as well as a few surrounding tables and chairs.

The photos come just a day after production seemed to have resumed at Giga Texas, with newly built Cybertrucks seen around the facility on Monday. A new filing from the automaker that surfaced on Tuesday also shows that Tesla is planning to build a 22,000-square-foot “Cyber Cafeteria” at the Austin, Texas plant.

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Elon Musk shows off Tesla’s finished Giga Texas entrance, reception desk
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