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Rivian announces the return of the popular powered tonneau cover

Credit: RJ Scaringe, Twitter

Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe has announced that the popular powered tonneau cover will return later this year.

The powered tonneau was one of the best features available on the Rivian R1T when it first came out. With simple button controls mounted to the bed of the R1T, the owner could quickly and easily deploy a complete cover for their items, keeping them safe, secure, and dry. However, due to a series of production problems and real-world use issues, the powered tonneau was quickly discontinued. Luckily for owners, Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe has announced that the prodigal son will make its return later this year.

Scaringe announced the return of the popular bed cover on Twitter earlier today, showing off not one but two offerings that will be available for current and future owners.

While the obviously more popular and fancy “powered tonneau” was the focus of the short video, including the manual tonneau is also a welcome relief, as it will likely be the easiest option for current owners to implement. As noted in the video, both options will be available mid-summer this year, though pricing has yet to be announced.

Rivian did not specify if the upcoming tonneau will be available for retrofit onto current customer vehicles. Still, luckily, the manual cover will also be available for upcoming and current R1 vehicle owners.

Sadly, Rivian has yet to announce if its other popular vehicle upgrade, the gear tunnel kitchen, will be coming back. But, considering Rivian’s dedication to bringing more options to customers in the near future, many believe the kitchen upgrade may be just around the corner.

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Rivian announces the return of the popular powered tonneau cover
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