Ex-Tesla Employee Takes Drone Video of Fremont Factory

Stephen Powelson has taken a drone video of the Tesla Fremont factory using a Phantom 3 drone. He worked as an engineer at Tesla for 4.5 years has moved on.

Stephen Powelson is a former Tesla engineer who worked for the company for 4.5 years before moving on to greener pastures. He thought it would be fun to take a drone video of the Tesla Fremont factory and share it with his former colleagues, so he powered up his Phantom 3 drone and flew it over the factory. Then he added some sound and posted it on to the Tesla Motors Club forum.

Some of the forum members questioned the legality of taking video of private property from the air. Here’s what Stephen had to say on that subject:

“I figured since there are plenty of Tesla GigaFactory drone videos floating around (which also involve a drone flying over Tesla owned private property) that flying the drone over the Fremont factory wouldn’t be a big issue. If it were an issue, I would have found out by now because I already forwarded the video to my former Tesla coworkers (I was an engineer there for 4.5 years, took a new job a few months ago). They all loved it. The drone is a Phantom 3. I primarily use it for making nature scenery type videos but I figured the factory would make a cool video.”

Sharp-eyed viewers noticed what appears to be three Model X vehicles on the left side of the screen at about the 1:44 mark. Leave us your thoughts in the comments below.

Now, the real question is, where is Stephen Powelson working today? There has been a lot of movement of engineers between Tesla and other companies in Silicon Valley, especially Apple. But start-ups Atieva and Faraday Future have also been siphoning off talent from Tesla lately. Is he working on one of the new electric cars those three companies that are said to be getting ready to challenge Tesla? Or he could be at Google, which we know is hard at work on self-driving cars?

For now, Powelson isn’t saying.

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