First wave of Tesla Cybertrucks received the Spring Release update: Lead Engr

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It appears that the initial batch of Tesla’s highly-anticipated Spring Release update has started rolling out for the Cybertruck. This was hinted at in a comment from a Cybertruck Lead Engineer on social media platform X. 

Tesla’s Spring Release is expected to be significant, with a notable visual update for Model 3 and Model Y units with AMD chips, Auto Shift Beta improvements for Model S and Model X units from the 2021 model year and later, and Hands-Free Trunk features, among others. The Cybertruck is expected to receive a number of key improvements with the Spring Release, such as Powersharing from Vehicle to Home, a Colorizer, and a turning circle update that would give the all-electric pickup a “tank-turn”-esque capability. 

The electric vehicle maker did not announce the exact date when its 2024 Spring Update would be rolling out to its Cybertruck fleet, but as per Tesla Lead Engineer Wes Morrill, an initial wave of the Spring Release update has been rolled out to the all-electric pickup trucks. Morrill shared his insights to a Tesla owner who asked if the Cybertuck would include updates to its maps, auto high beams, rear turning improvements, and Autopilot/FSD. 

As per Morrill, Tesla will be releasing the Spring Release to more vehicles once the first group of installations is verified. “I think 1 – 3 are covered in the Spring Release (2024.14), which is already deployed to Wave 1 and should be going wide after that group of installs is verified,” the Cybertruck Lead Engineer wrote in his post on X. 

Morrill’s comment bodes well for Cybertruck owners. Tesla, after all, is still in the process of ramping its Cybertruck production. And despite Giga Texas pushing out the Cybertruck in progressively large numbers, the all-electric pickup truck is still not fully ramped. This was hinted at in the NHTSA’s recall report for the vehicle’s accelerator pedal, which indicated that by the time the recall was announced, there were only 3,878 Cybertrucks that had been delivered. 

Granted, deliveries of the Cybertruck have since resumed, but the fact that the first wave of the 2024 Spring Update has been released for the all-electric pickup truck is quite impressive on its own. The Cybertruck’s updates, after all, are quite notable, with Top Gear recently posting a video of the vehicle off-roading with activated front and rear diff locks and more off-road modes

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First wave of Tesla Cybertrucks received the Spring Release update: Lead Engr
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