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Fisker embraces discount mode by cutting prices drastically to keep its doors open

Fisker has embraced a full-blown discount mode by cutting prices on the Ocean EV drastically in an effort to keep its doors open amid rumors that it is on the verge of bankruptcy.

Fisker slashed prices on the Ocean EV by as much as $24,000 on some trims. The least severe discount it will offer is $14,000. Starting prices are now well under $30,000, which might make it an ideal choice for some consumers looking for a deal on an electric car.

Fisker’s top-line Extreme trim dropped from $63,937 to $39,937, while the entry-level and middle-of-the-pack configurations now cost $27,437 and $37,437, respectively.

The Sport, which is the base trim of the Ocean, was cut by $14,000 from $41,437 to $27,734. The middle offering, which is named Ultra, saw an $18,000 price cut from $55,437 to $37,437. The Extreme, which is the top and most premium offering of the Ocean EV, went from $63,937 to $39,937.

Fisker Fights to Survive

Fisker has had anything but a smooth and ideal start to its business operations. Its 2023 10-K filing with the SEC was delayed, and it announced a 15 percent reduction in its staff headcount as it aimed to trim costs from its normal operations.

In early March, the Wall Street Journal reported that the company had hired a consulting firm, as well as a team of lawyers, to work on a restructuring. This followed a statement from the month prior that indicated its “current resources are insufficient to satisfy its requirements” through early 2025.

Shortly after, Fisker paused production for up to six weeks and planned to receive $150 million to keep the company alive. However, this bailout plan reportedly fell through, and the “large automaker” it had plans to work with chose not to move forward. Rumors indicate the company was Nissan.

Fisker also received a negative review on the Ocean from noted tech figure MKBHD, who called the vehicle “the worst car” he’s ever scrutinized.

MKBHD says the Fisker Ocean is the ‘worst car’ he’s ever reviewed

Moving forward, Fisker will have to attempt to bolster its reputation with strong consumer experiences from here on out.

Hopefully, stronger sales figures will be seen with these price cuts, which will help the company secure some money to help keep operations moving forward. Although it may not turn a profit on these units, it will bring some light to a relatively bleak outlook moving forward.

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Fisker embraces discount mode by cutting prices drastically to keep its doors open
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