Ford CEO Jim Farley: Americans need to “get back in love” with smaller cars amid EV transition

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Ford CEO Jim Farley shared some insights during his interview at the Aspen Ideas Festival. Farley noted, for one, that Ford is looking to release a $30,000 all-electric vehicle that will be profitable in about 2.5 years. He also discussed the value of smaller EVs to consumers and the electric vehicle transition. 

Farley did not provide a lot of details about Ford’s affordable EV, though he stated that the upcoming vehicle is being developed by the automaker’s dedicated “skunkworks” team, which operates independently from Ford’s main business. The CEO did, however, hint that Ford’s upcoming affordable EV is expected to compete with cars from Chinese automakers like BYD, as well as Tesla’s next-generation platform. 

Interestingly enough, Farley also highlighted the value of smaller electric cars. As per the executive, radical changes are needed to produce a profitable EV, and one of these changes could be a focus on smaller vehicles. As noted in a CNBC report, Farley reiterated the idea that Ford’s next-generation electric vehicles would be profitable. 

“You have to make a radical change as an (automaker) to get to a profitable EV. The first thing we have to do is really put all of our capital toward smaller, more affordable EVs. That’s the duty cycle that we’ve now found that really matches. These big, huge, enormous EVs, they’re never going to make money. The battery is $50,000… The batteries will never be affordable,” Farley stated, though a Ford spokesperson later noted that the CEO was referring to the automaker’s Super Duty models, not the F-150 Lightning. 

Most notably, Farley also stated that American consumers need to fall back in love with smaller vehicles. This is an interesting comment from the CEO considering that the majority of Ford’s profits today come from trucks. As per Farley, however, it is pertinent for Ford to reach profitability with EVs in the next five years so the company can compete with China’s electric cars. 

“We have to start to get back in love with smaller vehicles. It’s super important for our society and for EV adoption. We are just in love with these monster vehicles, and I love them too, but it’s a major issue with weight. 

“If we cannot make money on EVs, we have competitors who have the largest market in the world, who already dominate globally, already setting up their supply chain around the world. And if we don’t make profitable EVs in the next five years, what is the future? We will just shrink into North America,” Farley said. 

Watch Jim Farley’s interview with CNBC at the Aspen Ideas Festival in the video below.

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Ford CEO Jim Farley: Americans need to “get back in love” with smaller cars amid EV transition
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