Tesla suggests Cybertruck Foundation Series will be delivered through late 2024

Credit: diagnosticdennis/Instagram and @smile__no via Tesla Owners of Santa Clarita Valley/X

During the 2024 Cyber Roundup, Elon Musk stated that the production of the Cybertruck Foundation Series is nearing its end. Musk also noted that the production of non-Foundation Series Cybertrucks should start sometime in the third quarter

“We’ll end the Foundation Series actually pretty soon and the non-Foundation Series sometime next quarter,” Musk said in response to a shareholder question at the 2024 Annual Stockholders’ Meeting. 

Based on a recent message that Tesla has sent to some Cybertruck reservation holders, however, it would appear that the Foundation Series would be continuing for a bit longer. As observed by Tesla community members online who received the message, Tesla is now expected to deliver only Foundation Series Cybertrucks through “late 2024.”

A screenshot of Tesla’s message was shared on social media platform X by EV enthusiast S.E. Robinson Jr., who noted that he pre-ordered his Cybertruck a little less than a year ago. Interestingly enough, other Cybertruck reservation holders have stated on X that they also received a similar message from the electric vehicle maker. 

Following is Tesla’s message. 

Your Limited-Edition Foundation Series Cybertruck is Ready to Order

As an early reservation holder, you have been invited to order your Foundation Series Cybertruck with early access to delivery. Due to continued high demand, we expect to deliver only the Foundation Series through late 2024. 

Your Cybertruck will be fully optioned and will include limited-edition laser-etched badging, premium accessories, $2,500 in Powershare hardware shop credits, Full Driving Capability, and more. 

While Tesla critics may see this update as Elon Musk and the EV maker not being on the same page, the message does highlight that the Foundation Series Cybertruck is still seeing high demand. If there is still ample demand for the Foundation Series Cybertruck — which commands a $20,000 premium over the vehicle’s regular price — Tesla would likely be incentivized to extend the limited edition all-electric pickup truck’s run. 

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Tesla suggests Cybertruck Foundation Series will be delivered through late 2024
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