Gorgeous silver Model 3 becomes centerpiece at Tesla employee party

Silver Tesla Model 3 front corner at the Avaya Stadium, Nov 5, 2016

Social media ignited with photos of a gorgeous silver Model 3 Saturday evening after Tesla displayed, arguably, the most important vehicle in its entire history at a Q3 celebration party. Tesla employees along with their family and friends had a rare opportunity to get up close and personal to a silver Model 3.

It would appear that the affordable long range all-electric sedan seen at the event is also the same vehicle that was recently used as a prop at Tesla’s solar roof unveiling.

No matter how you look at it, the Model 3 looks absolutely stunning from every angle. From the sweeping glass roof, which Tesla just introduced to the Model S, to the sleek minimalistic dashboard that’s perfectly primed for a HUD, everything about the Model 3 exudes luxury. Everything except the affordable $35,000 price point.

Check out the compilation of Model 3 photos via Instagram, imgur and email submission.


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