J.D. Power highlights need to improve Level 2 EV chargers

Tesla's Destination Chargers. (Credit: Tesla)

J.D. Power’s electric vehicle charging satisfaction surveys have highlighted a particular trend in the market — while public electric vehicle chargers are becoming more reliable, the availability of Level 2 EV chargers is getting worse.

As per J.D. Power’s survey, 18% of public charging attempts were unsuccessful in Q4 2023. While this number definitely has a lot of room for improvement, it does represent a 3-point improvement from the first nine months of the year. As noted in an Automotive News report, consumers cited charging station outages and faults as a notable problem, with 71% of failed visits being due to the issue. 

The lack of chargers that are available for consumers is becoming a growing issue among EV drivers. J.D. Power’s study indicated that 20% of failed charging attempts were due to a lack of available chargers. Brent Gruber, executive director of J.D. Power’s EV practice, noted that the lack of EV charger availability is “really alarming” as the adoption of electric cars is outpacing the ramp of EV charger installations. 

Interestingly enough, a lot of J.D. Power’s feedback on the limited availability of electric vehicle chargers came from faults with Level 2 chargers, which are slower but more prevalent than DC fast chargers like the Supercharger Network from Tesla. As noted by Auto News, the overall satisfaction among users of Level 2 chargers dropped by 28 points in Q4 2023 compared to Q4 2022. 

Citing data from the Department of Energy, J.D. Power noted that the number of public Level 2 chargers increased by 13% last year. This growth was outpaced by the growth of DC fast-charger installations, which were tracked at 31% last year. Gruber noted that this discrepancy highlights the areas for improvement for Level 2 chargers. 

“This really speaks to how Level 2 in particular is not keeping up with consumer demand. My concern is that we’re focusing so much on the DC fast-charging investment that we’re dropping the ball on Level 2 charging, which is still heavily utilized, and that’s why we are seeing that big drop in satisfaction,” Gruber noted. 

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J.D. Power highlights need to improve Level 2 EV chargers
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