Tesla launches Supercharger contest

Credit: Tesla Charging/X

Tesla recently announced that it would be giving a prize to drivers who are able to visit the most number of Supercharger sites over the next two months. The winners of the contest are expected to be announced at the end of March 2024. 

The new Supercharger Network contest was announced by the electric vehicle maker through its official Tesla Charging account on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter. As per Tesla, the contest would be all about which driver is able to visit the most number of Supercharger sites over the contest period. Thus, repeat visits on the same Supercharger would not count. 

When asked about the prize for the winners of the Supercharger contest, Tesla Charging noted that it would be an “Easter Egg.” This may suggest that the contest’s prize could be something software-related that is downloaded into the winner’s vehicle, or it could be some goodies that are similar to Tesla China’s special merch giveaways. 

The Supercharger contest was received generally positively by Tesla owners, though some lamented that the promotion was quite unfair considering the concentration of Superchargers in places like California. Thus, it would be quite impossible for a Tesla owner in Europe to compete with owners in the United States, where Superchargers are more prevalent. 

That being said, Tesla did note in its announcement on X that “winners” would be announced on March 31, 2024. Considering that the electric vehicle maker seems to be referencing multiple winners to the contest, some EV advocates have speculated that winners might be selected per region. Such a system would be fairer, as it would remove the inherent advantages from Tesla owners who are simply fortunate enough to live in an area that’s already saturated with Superchargers. 

What is particularly interesting is the fact that EV owners have actually been tracking Supercharger visits for years through, a platform that allows drivers to check in when they charge their vehicles at Tesla Superchargers. As can be seen on the site’s leaderboard, the highest number of Supercharger check-ins is currently listed at 3,077. The Tesla driver, who goes by the username Bighorn, has check-ins from Europe and North America, with the earliest being from way back in 2014. 

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Tesla launches Supercharger contest
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