LIVE STREAM: Tesla 85D owner attempts 500 mi on a single charge

UPDATE: Casey Spencer sets record by travelling 550.3 mi on a single charge in a Tesla 85D [Read More]

Less than a month after the world record for the longest distance travelled on a single charge in a Tesla Model S was set, one ambitious 85D owner attempts to make it into the record books by becoming the first person to drive their way into the exclusive 500 mile club. The current record held by Bjorn Nyland, who travelled 452.8 mi (728.7 km) across Denmark, took more than 18 hours at an average speed of 25 mph to complete.

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Casey Spencer has his eyes set on cracking the 500 mi barrier by driving his 85D at roughly 20 mph for over 20+ hours. To make the experience interactive (and likely to spare himself from death by boredom), Casey has published a live stream, rightfully entitled “The Fight to 500”, and will be taking live Q&A sessions directly from his YouTube channel.

According to Casey, he’s taken every precautionary measure to reduce energy consumption which includes the following:

  • Leaving in the early hours past midnight when outside temperature is at its lowest and there’s limited wind
  • No passengers to save weight
  • Climate control will be off the entire journey
  • To stay cool, Casey will be using 2 external battery-powered fans
  • A laptop will be used to handle the live stream
  • 2 cameras mounted
  • Signs attached to the rear of the vehicle to warn drivers of his slow travels
  • Over inflated tires at 50psi to reduce rolling resistance
  • All onboard features will be off (dim screen, no radio, no fans ..etc)
  • The journey will consist of 3 legs
    • 1st of 3 legs will be downhill
    • 2nd leg will be flat. Casey followed the weather patterns and projects a slight tail wind turning into a cross wind towards the end of the leg
    • 3rd leg will eventually see a strong tailwind

The live stream is set to begin at midnight PDT (7am GMT).

Good luck!


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