Valet Attempts to Park Tesla Model S – Caught on Dash Cam

Leaving your car in the hands of a valet in exchange for curbside drop-off and pick-up at your favorite location, comes with the good and the bad. The theory behind valet parking is that it’s supposed to bring parking convenience, but would you entrust a complete stranger with keeping your beloved Tesla safe and out of harm’s way? Would you trust the valet to not embark on an unannounced Tesla joy ride?

The following dash cam video posted on YouTube captures a valet attendant making several painful attempts to navigate a Tesla Model S into a tight parking space. The valet is seen maneuvering the Model S inches away from the row of Mercedes-Benzes through a sequence of short back-and-forth turns. The valet makes several abrupt and jerky movements before, allegedly, smashing the rear of the Tesla into the pillar.


Watch the video (with sound enabled) and let us know what you think. Was there impact made on the vehicle or did the sound originate from another event that occurred within the parking garage?



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