Lucid Motors ‘Air’ spotted driving through downtown San Francisco

Sightings of Lucid Motors’ “Air” driving through the streets of San Francisco made its way through Instagram and YouTube recently. It’s the second time we’re seeing the would-be Tesla rival in action in less than a week.

Sources close to the matter tell Teslarati that the Lucid Air was being filmed for promotional and marketing materials for the company. The Silicon Valley-based electric car maker, headquartered less than 10 miles away from Palo Alto-based Tesla, began taking online reservations for its ultra-luxury 4-door sedan last year and expected to make a large marketing push in the coming months. Putting test mules on the streets follows the typical design cycle that Tesla used when refining the Model S and Model X ahead of its official public launch.

The design of Lucid’s Air fairs well against the San Francisco architecture. Designed from the ground up to be a 400-mile range electric car with all wheel drive, it’s exciting to be able to see Lucid’s Air coming to life.

Check out the photos and the video below.

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#lucidmotors #lucidair driving #sanfrancisco

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#lucidmotors #lucidair driving in the city!

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