Marlink plans to offer Starlink to maritime customers

Marlink plans to offer Starlink to maritime customers

Credit: Starlink

Marlink announced that it will provide Starlink internet service to its maritime and enterprise customers according to a report from Smart Maritime Network. The satellite communications service provider plans to partner with SpaceX in an agreement under its OmniAccess subsidiary which will act as “authorized Starlink integrators” on a global basis for its maritime and enterprise customers.

Under the agreement, Marlink will integrate Starlink alongside its existing services such as VSAT, LTE (4G/5G), and terrestrial connectivity systems for onboard installations. This will form a single central integrated vessel communications network.

Erik Ceuppens, the CEO, of Marlink Group, shared his thoughts about this next giant step in the company’s strategy.

“This ability to utilize Starlink is a giant step in our strategy to provide our customers with the best-in-class user experience, combining our industry-leading GEO satellite connectivity solutions with the next generation LEO high-speed, low-latency services,” he said.

“We are looking forward to working with SpaceX to integrate Starlink as part of our smart network solutions, creating a superior global connectivity service for our extensive maritime and enterprise customer base across the world.”

SpaceX Vice President of Starlink Sales, Jonathan Hofeller, touched upon how Starlink will help Marlink.

“Adding Starlink to its offerings will bring a new dimension of connectivity to Marlink’s global customer base,” said Hofeller.

“This low-latency, high-bandwidth broadband experience will allow enterprise and maritime customers to manage their remote businesses more efficiently than ever before.”

Ever since launching Starlink Maritime over the summer, SpaceX has had several new customers ranging from yacht owners to cruise lines.

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Marlink plans to offer Starlink to maritime customers
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