Mercedes strives to beat Tesla’s infotainment system with 56-inch wide ‘Hyperscreen’

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Mercedes-Benz parent company, Daimler, has unveiled a new 56-inch-wide, “Hyperscreen.” The incredibly wide touchscreen will revolutionize the German automaker’s interior vehicle design as it aims to keep up with Tesla’s industry-leading electric vehicle lineup, which has one of the most revolutionary interiors that has changed the way rival car companies are designing vehicle cabins.

The MBUX Hyperscreen spans from the driver’s-side to the passenger’s side of the front of the car, equipping a speedometer, odometer, and other information that the pilot could find useful during navigation. In the center, a large screen shows a detailed and crystal-clear Navigation System, outfitted with touch-sensitive buttons and sleek and modern designs. In front of the passenger lies another screen that will display designs. The passenger screen will have the ability to display television and movies in some markets, depending on legislation, as it could be a distraction to the driver.

Daimler CEO Ola Kallenius notes that there is a “huge customer demand” for the massive Hyperscreen. The 2022 Mercedes EQS, the company’s newest electric vehicle, will have the Hyperscreen available as an optional feature. Still, Kallenius expects plenty of people who buy the sleek, S-Class reminiscent car to take advantage of the largest screen in the industry. “We expect a very high take-up rate,” he said at the screen’s unveiling event on Thursday.

The screen is really a way to welcome in a stream of subscription programs and services that customers will have to buy into and download to experience the full value and potential. Maps, entertainment features, and other applications will be available to use with the Hyperscreen. Still, they will require a separate fee and will help drive revenues into the German car company.

2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS (Credit: Mercedes Benz)

“It is part of our business strategy to increase this profit pool of recurring revenues,” Kallenius added.

With passenger mobility transitioning to electric options due to consumer demand and tougher government regulations, automakers are developing ways to keep up with Tesla. While the Silicon Valley-based electric car maker has dominated EV sales figures globally for several years, legacy automakers who have tasted the wake-up call shift their focus toward entertainment and design features that make their vehicles more appealing. Tesla’s minimalistic interior, which is dominated by a 15-inch, horizontal dash screen in the Model 3 and Model Y and a 17-inch, vertical screen in the S and X, has influenced competing car companies to do away with old-fashioned knobs and dials and try a more modern-contemporary feel within the cabin.

Daimler’s full event to unveil the Hyperscreen is available below.

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Mercedes strives to beat Tesla’s infotainment system with 56-inch wide ‘Hyperscreen’
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