Michigan Native Petitions Against Tesla Sales Ban

Mick Yuille is a recent University of Michigan graduate who has begun a ballot initiative campaign to repeal Michigan’s franchise dealer law. He needs 252,000 signatures by June 1.

Mick Yiuille heads a Tesla ballot initiative

Mick Yiulle heads a Tesla ballot initiative

Mick Yuille, age 22, is a recent graduate of the University of Michigan. With a degree in political science, Mick wants to put some of what he learned to work so he’s launched a petition to repeal Michigan’s law that bans Tesla from selling direct to consumers within the state.

If he can collect more than 252,000 signatures by June 1, he can get his proposal before the Michigan legislature this session. If the legislature does not act favorably on the petition, it will go before the voters as a ballot question in November. Mick tells Automotive News that he thinks he has a chance to succeed in his quest if he puts enough enthusiasm into the campaign.

Mick is still finalizing his plan on how to get the required number of signatures, but to start he has formed a ballot committee that will rely strictly on donations to support his efforts. His filing with the state says he may raise or spend more than $1,000, a selection that keeps his options open and exempts him from some campaign financial filing requirements.

The Board of State Canvassers signed off on his proposal on January 28 allowing Mick to begin the signature collection process. Mick’s proposal would repeal a section in a 1981 state law that prohibits automakers from selling new vehicles other than through franchised dealers. In 2014, Governor Snyder signed another law that clarified the existing statute to make it crystal clear Tesla was not welcome to sell its cars in Michigan unless it did so through franchise dealers. “This law was passed so that the dealers could have their sales model protected from competition,” Yuille said. He calls it the “anti-Tesla provision.”

Mick will begin working in the City Year Detroit program this summer – an AmeriCorps service program that places volunteers in schools to work directly with students. He says he would like to run for political office someday and thinks his ballot initiative will provide him with good campaign experience. With a start like this, he could sit in the Governor’s office one day himself.

More information around Mick’s initiative can be found on Eliminate(i).

Photo credit: Mick Yuille via Twitter


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