Ford launches F-150 Lightning Flash, a $70k variant with a tech focus

Preproduction computer-generated images shown. Actual production vehicle may vary. Available January 2024.

Ford has announced the F-150 Lightning Flash, a new tech-focused electric pickup truck with an extended-range battery and BlueCruise. The F-150 Lightning Flash starts at $69,995 and will be available for online orders on in early 2024.

In a press release, Marin Gjaja, Chief Operating Officer at Ford Model e, stated that the F-150 Lightning Flash is the result of the company’s engagement with its customers. 

“The F-150 Lightning Flash is a direct outcome of engaging with and learning from our customers. This truck combines many of the technology-forward features our customers love in our EV lineup, at a more accessible price. With an EPA-estimated 320 miles of range, the Lightning Flash is another example of the speed at which we are adapting to grow our EV business,” Gjaja said. 

The F-150 Lightning Flash is based on the XLT trim level and adds a number of popular tech features. Apart from its extended-range battery with a target EPA range of 320 miles and BlueCruise, the Flash will also be equipped with a 15.5-inch touchscreen, a B&O sound system with HD radio and eight speakers, and a wireless charging pad, among others. 

The Lightning Flash will come with BlueCruise version 1.2, which includes Lane Change Assist and In-Lane Repositioning. Ford noted that customers can now activate BlueCruise at any point during their ownership journey. This means that they can activate the service at purchase or pay for it on an annual or monthly basis.

Following is the 2024 F-150 Lightning family. It should be noted that the following vehicles will be made available for customer orders in early 2024. 

  1. The F-150 Lightning Pro Standard Range – starts at $49,995
  2. The F-150 Lightning XLT Standard Range – starts at $57,495
  3. The F-150 Lightning Flash Extended Range – starts at $69,995
  4. The F-150 Lightning Lariat Extended Range – starts at $77,495
  5. The F-150 Lightning Platinum Extended Range – starts at $89,995
  6. The limited-edition F-150 Lightning Platinum Black Extended Range – available for order at $97,995

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Ford launches F-150 Lightning Flash, a $70k variant with a tech focus
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