A New Tesla Model S 75D (75 kWh) Could be Coming Soon

Update: Tesla confirms Model S 75D. Service Center reports that 75 kWh can be unlocked via firmware update.

Tesla recently replaced its never-produced Model X 70D with a 75 kWh version of the electric SUV leaving many to speculate that a new Model S 75D would soon follow. That appears to be the case according to a recent addition to the California Air Resource Board (CARB) listing of vehicles approved for High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lane access.

A Model S 75D has been spotted by TeslaPittsburgh on providing further insight that Tesla might soon be deprecating its existing 70 kWh battery and unifying its entry-level pack across the Model S and Model X.


Tesla Model S 75D CA EPA Carpool Sticker

Tesla Model S 75D approved for HOV sticker on CARB website


Earlier in the year, Tesla officially discontinued its highest range (at the time) Model S 85 kWh battery option worldwide leaving the option to configure its flagship sedan with either a 70 kWh or 90 kWh battery. The removal of the 85 kWh battery marked the second discontinuation in Tesla’s line of battery options – the first being the removal of the 40 kWh battery due to low demand, and the discontinuation of the 60 kWh version after the company announced the availability of a battery with a 70 kWh capacity.

This recent reveal of a longer range Model S 75D, presumably to become its soon-to-be newest base model, would be inline with the company’s goal of increasing battery capacity by a minimum of 5% per year, providing even more speculation that a 100 kWh battery is coming.

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