New Tesla Supercharger includes pull-through charging stalls

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Many Tesla owners who tow have experienced difficulty in having to detach their trailers when charging at Superchargers. Many have requested pull-through charging lanes, though only a handful of Tesla’s charging stations include them.

This week, however, the automaker opened one of its largest Supercharger stations yet, featuring a couple of tow-friendly chargers, solar canopies, and a staggering number of regular stalls.

Tesla opened a new Supercharger station in Quartzsite, Arizona, this week, as posted to the @TeslaCharging X account on Tuesday. Along with four solar canopies of varying sizes, the station also has two charging stalls alongside a pull-through lane, offering easy access for those with trailers.

You can find an ongoing master list of tow-friendly Superchargers on the Tesla Motors Club forum, now including the Quartzsite station.

Upon completion, the station is set to include 84 Supercharging stalls, though only 60 of them are currently active, while the other 24 remain covered. All of them are V3 Superchargers, meaning they offer up to 250 kW of max power for faster charging.

The new Supercharger station is located at 350-370 Main Event Lane in Quartzsite, Arizona, not far from another station, including both V2 and V3 stalls. Crucially, the station is also right off of the heavily traveled Interstate 10, which runs through several Southern states from Florida to California.

The news comes just months after automakers including Ford, General Motors (GM), Rivian, and more announced plans to build their future models with Tesla’s charging port. The shift will give these and other brands access to Tesla’s vast Supercharging network, though many current owners have expressed concerns over stations becoming extremely busy.

In Tesla’s update letter for the first quarter of the year, the automaker noted that it had 4,947 Supercharger stations, marking a 33 percent increase year over year, and representing as many as 269 stations built in Q1 alone. Since posting the recent Quartzsite station on Tuesday, the Tesla Charging account has also shared 10 other new Supercharger stations with a total of 129 new stalls.

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New Tesla Supercharger includes pull-through charging stalls
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