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News of Tesla Model S Flaws are Overblown

We’re always amused to see the media world jump on obvious statements and spinning them into a sensational headline. The Tesla Model S flaws news is making the rounds, which should make us consider once again, is the press world short on real news?

Are there any cars without “flaws”?

The Tesla Model S has obvious flaws?

The news headline sound sensationalist, and in many ways, it is. News of the Tesla Model S flaws should come as no surprise to anyone with an ounce of common sense. Every car has at least one flaw. Ask yourself how many cars do you know that has no flaws? And even better, how many startup’s first car, designed in-house, do you know of with no flaws? Consumer Reports is saying it discovered a few “flaws” with the Tesla Model S. Those of you who know Consumer Reports know that it focuses on “the best bang for your buck”. The high price tag of a Tesla Motors Model S certainly puts it at a disadvantage.

Bloomberg quotes the Consumer Reports findings the following way: “Tesla Motors Inc. (TSLA)’s Model S, ranked as the best-reviewed car of the year by Consumer Reports, exhibited minor flaws after months of driving as the magazine’s staff continued to test the vehicle.” Should this make you reconsider your Model S and sell it back? Will this stop those who understand what Tesla Motors has created and the inherent qualities of its Model S from buying it? Most likely not.

Consumer Reports claims Tesla Model S flaws

Consumer Reports found that after driving the Tesla Model S they bought over 10,000 miles, a few issues occurred. They were minor Tesla Model S flaws and included the center screen going blank after logging 12,000 miles. This meant that access was limited for most functions, something the company quickly replaced. The other issues were a creaking noise from the roof and the front trunk lid release. The question we would like to ask all Teslarati is whether you’ve experienced the blank screen issue? I’m personally not aware of anyone reporting this. Creaking noise from the roof is something that can happen, but I’ve not heard of front trunk lid release problems either.

I guess a better question to ask would be, does testing one car by one publication warrant such hoopla? Consumer Reports implies that Tesla’s quality is questionable: “Given the number of bits and pieces Tesla has replaced on our car, it might be tempting to guess that its reliability score will go down. The reality is, it might — depending on the frequency and severity of problems reported by our subscribers and whether they show that reliability is below average.”

Tesla Model S flaws much ado about nothing

So again, are there any cars without flaws that you are aware of? I know of a few Rolls Royce and even Mercedes Maybach with flaws. Is there anything designed by human beings that is flawless? By nature, we are fallible and not perfect. Is it justified to say the Tesla Model S flaws is newsworthy?

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