Nikola World event postponed as company woes continue

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Nikola Motor is postponing and rescheduling its Nikola World event, where the company’s first pickup was expected to be unveiled. The Badger was set to be the automaker’s first passenger vehicle. The company has released a series of semi-trucks in the past, but EV enthusiasts will have to wait to see Nikola’s answer to the Tesla Cybertruck.

The delay in the Nikola World event comes after a tumultuous month for the automaker. After Hindenburg Research, a known short of Nikola’s stock, released a report indicating that the company had been misleading in several of its ventures, NKLA’s price per share tumbled by 45%.

Since then, Chairman and Founder Trevor Milton has also stepped down from his positions and has deleted all social media accounts.

Earlier today, Nikola stated that its first prototypes of the Nikola Tre are to be “substantially completed” within the next few weeks at its factory in Ulm, Germany. It also stated that it plans to start sales late in 2021.

Nikola recently came to a deal with General Motors where the latter company would develop and manufacture powertrains and fuel-cell technology for the former. After the sharp drop off in share price throughout September, GM has put the partnership on hold for the time being. GM has said that it still intends to come to an agreement with Nikola, but the terms of the partnership need to be reconfigured.

At the time of writing, NKLA shares were trading at $20.00 and were up 11.63% during the session. The stock has traded as low as $17.93 in 2020, and as high as $93.99.

Shares of NKLA dropped significantly from September 8th to September 11th after the Hindenburg report. The report claimed that Nikola’s capabilities and technological claims were not true. The biggest bombshell was that Nikola used a sloped hill to demonstrate that its semi-truck was functional. The automaker ultimately admitted that the vehicle was not self-propelled, and it had, in fact, used a hill to make the truck appear operational.

Mark Russell, CEO of Nikola, stated that Nikola World would be a groundbreaking event for the company and its investors. “There is going to be a lot of cool stuff that happens at Nikola World. It’s going to be a place to be,” Russell said. However, it is unknown what the event will bring, or if the company will attempt to clear up any claims that were brought to light in the Hindenburg report.

Those who planned to attend the event are encouraged to either hold on to their tickets until a new date is announced, or they may opt for a refund, Nikola said in an email to Bloomberg.

The event was planned to be three-days in length and would show “a few planned surprises” alongside the revealing of the Badger.

Nikola World event postponed as company woes continue
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