Porsche CEO lays bold claim about the Taycan, praises Elon Musk’s ‘courage’

A render of the Porsche Taycan's production version. (Credit: St00k/

Porsche CEO Oliver Blume recently went on an interview with German publication Handelsblatt, where he discussed the veteran carmaker’s plans for the Taycan, as well as the vehicle’s impressive performance. Blume even took some time to address Tesla CEO Elon Musk, whom he credits for the automotive sector’s current shift towards electrification.

When asked by the publication if he thinks “no one will talk about Tesla” any longer after the Taycan is unveiled, Blume noted that “to be honest, we did not think so.” Blume later elaborated on his statement, stating that he respects Tesla CEO Elon Musk, particularly his “pioneering spirit,” which is one of the things that has shaped Porsche over the years.

“I have absolute respect for the courage of Elon Musk and also for his innovation and pioneering spirit. I like that. Pioneering spirit is a characteristic that also shapes us at Porsche. However, Tesla has taken a different approach in many places. When we set up a new Porsche, we always set the standard for ourselves: the Taycan has to drive like the 911,” Blume said.

Having the Taycan drive like a 911 will all but ensure that the all-electric four-door will capture the attention of longtime car enthusiasts, perhaps even those who are not open to trying out Tesla’s electric vehicles. This, if any, will open the doors for even the staunchest EV skeptic to try out an all-electric car, thereby accelerating the shift towards sustainable transportation. Blume explained this in more detail.

“I was recently on our racetrack in Italy. And I’m still excited. We have the advantage in electric mobility that we have a lower center of gravity with the battery than the 911. That means the vehicle is even more saturated on the road. In addition, we regulate five times faster than a combustion engine, have no clutch and no cardan (drive) shaft. This, together with our chassis know-how, brings a huge advantage, especially in the driving dynamics in the bends. In addition, unlike other vehicles on the market, we have a gearbox that delivers even more thrust from 150 kilometers (93 mph) per hour,” the Porsche CEO said.

While the Taycan would be an interesting competitor to the Tesla Model S, the Silicon Valley-based electric car maker is reportedly preparing to unveil a refreshed version of the large sedan that has even more range and better performance. Rumors currently point to a range beyond 400 miles per charge, and up to three motors, and improved batteries. It would be quite interesting to see how the Porsche Taycan measures up to Tesla’s upcoming, improved flag-bearer.

The Porsche Taycan has seen a warm reception from the company’s enthusiasts. Since opening reservations for the vehicle, over 20,000 pre-orders have been received by the company. Blume did not reveal Porsche’s annual production estimates for the Taycan, though he did note that the vehicle will see an initial ramp of 10,000 units per year.

Porsche CEO lays bold claim about the Taycan, praises Elon Musk’s ‘courage’
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