Next-gen Tesla Model S/X rumored to have 3 electric motors, 400+ mile range

An artist's render of the Tesla Model S refresh. (Credit: Emre Husman)

In a recent report, news publication CNBC noted that Tesla is rejiggering parts of its Fremont factory to make way for both the production of the Model S and X refresh and the Model Y. According to the publication, the information about Tesla’s updated Model S and X vehicles was related by multiple sources.

Just recently, some details of Tesla’s Model S and Model X refresh were shared by a Tesla insider to owner-enthusiast YouTube channel Like Tesla. In a short video, Kim, the channel’s host, outlined a number of details that the Tesla insider shared about potential improvements coming to the Model S and Model X. These include updates to the flagship vehicles’ motors, batteries, and charging systems, to name a few.

First off, the Model S and Model X refresh that the electric car maker is preparing to introduce later this year will potentially feature a tri-motor design, with one small motor in the front and two larger motors at the rear. The upcoming vehicles will further establish Tesla’s lead in terms of range as well, with the Model S refresh reportedly going for an EPA rating north of 400 miles (644 km) per charge, and the Model X nearing the 400-mile per charge mark.

The refreshed flagship vehicles will potentially be fitted with larger and lighter battery packs, which will provide a bit of increased performance and even more range. Tesla is reportedly adopting a new cooling system for the Model S and Model X refresh’s motors and batteries too. These new cooling systems are currently being tested under extreme heat in areas such as the Mojave Desert and Death Valley, according to the Tesla insider.

The specifics of the Model S and Model X refresh’s updated batteries were not disclosed by the Tesla insider, though it was mentioned that the upcoming vehicles would be compatible with the Supercharger V3 Network. This should allow the flagship sedan and SUV to charge at 250 kW, just like its smaller sibling, the Model 3. The refreshed Model S and Model X are reportedly expected to be unveiled sometime later this year.

While Elon Musk has largely downplayed a potential refresh for the Model S and Model X, the company has been taking active steps to improve its flagship vehicles. Last April, Tesla rolled out updates to the flagship sedan and SUV, with the former being given a range of 370 miles per charge, and both vehicles receiving a revamped adaptive suspension setup. Perhaps Tesla is preparing to feature the refreshed Model S and Model X another in another surprise reveal at the Tesla pickup truck reveal? One can only hope.

Watch Like Tesla’s video to get the lowdown on Tesla’s potential Model S and Model X refresh below.

Next-gen Tesla Model S/X rumored to have 3 electric motors, 400+ mile range
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