Porsche’s more refined Taycan Cross Turismo prototypes spotted in winter tests

(Photo: Tye/

Prototypes of the Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo have been spotted winter testing in Sweden recently. Based on images of the vehicle that were captured during the icy road tests, it appears that the Taycan Cross Turismo’s design is steadily coming together.

The new pictures of the Taycan Cross Turismo features a sleek silhouette that echoes much of the design cues present in its sibling — the Porsche Taycan sedan — which is expected to enter production sometime later this year. As noted by‘s Tye, Porsche’s recent Cross Turismo test mules now have a more refined rear roofline, rear design, and rear quarter windows.

The Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo prototype winter testing. (Photo: Tye/

Similar to the Taycan sedan prototypes, one of the Cross Turismo test mules was equipped with aero wheel covers that appear designed to optimize range. Another unit, this time sporting large brakes on the front wheels, seem to hint at a high-performance variant of the electric car as well. Quite interestingly, Porsche has also fitted its Cross Turismo prototypes with faux exhausts at the rear.

As the Cross Turismo prototypes are starting to become more refined, differences between the vehicle and the Mission E Cross Turismo concept are starting to emerge. Among the most prominent of these differences is in the vehicles’ suspension, with the recent test mules being set up lower than their concept car counterpart. With this in mind, it remains to be seen if the Taycan Cross Turismo would retain its concept version’s rugged theme, considering that it is one of the vehicle’s primary features. When Porsche explained the Cross Turismo concept, for one, the company noted that the vehicle would be capable of going off-road, at least to a certain degree, thanks to its air suspension that could provide more ground clearance when needed.

The Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo prototype winter testing. (Photo: Tye/

The Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo is the German automaker’s second all-electric vehicle. Unveiled last year in concept car form, the Cross Turismo was well-received as the Taycan’s (then dubbed as the Mission E sedan) more rugged sibling. Amidst the warm reception for the Taycan sedan after Porsche opened reservations for the vehicle, reports emerged from German media that the automaker’s supervisory board has approved the mass production of the Cross Turismo as well.

To prepare for the vehicle’s production, Porsche is adding around 300 more jobs at its Zuffenhausen site, which is currently being augmented to support the Taycan’s production lines. The Taycan Cross Turismo is expected to start production in 2020, roughly a year after its sedan sibling enters the market. It remains to be seen if the vehicle would also feature a top-tier Turbo variant, similar to the Taycan sedan.

Porsche’s more refined Taycan Cross Turismo prototypes spotted in winter tests
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