Porsche Taycan prototype’s massive brakes hint at serious track performance

(Photo: Tye/

A new set of clear, detailed spy photos have revealed the closest look yet at the upcoming Porsche Taycan, including some details of the vehicle that have never been glimpsed before. The most prominent hint from the photos was the electric car’s large carbon ceramic brakes, which suggest the vehicle has some impressive track capabilities.

The new images of the Taycan prototypes, which were shared on, were taken while the vehicles were winter testing. As could be seen from the spy photos, the wheels of the prototype with the large ceramic brakes were set up in a pretty interesting manner, considering that its rear wheels were fitted with what appears to be aero covers. Considering the size of the vehicle’s brakes, Porsche seems to be dead set on ensuring that the Taycan could be driven as hard around a closed circuit as possible.

The Porsche Taycan is equipped with large, carbon ceramic brakes. (Photo: Tye/

Electric cars in general don’t use brakes a lot due to their regenerative braking capabilities. In regular driving conditions, regen braking is usually sufficient to slow down the vehicle. Thus, if an all-electric car is spotted with large performance brakes, it seems safe to speculate that the vehicle in question is being designed for intensive driving, which may require heavy braking. This is in line with Porsche’s previous statements about the Taycan, when the company ensured that the electric car would be able to handle a track session, adding it could sustain optimal performance even after multiple laps.

Being spy shots, the recent pictures of the Taycan prototypes were not explained by the carmaker. Nevertheless, the performance brakes fitted on the vehicle suggest that it was built for speed and handling. With this in mind, there is a pretty good chance that the prototype in question is a test unit of the electric car’s top-tier version — the Taycan Turbo — which is expected to start at around $130,000 before options.

A glimpse at the Porsche Taycan prototype’s trunk. (Photo: Tye/

Apart from the Taycan’s large ceramic brakes, the recent spy photos also provided a look at the upcoming vehicle’s trunk. Based on the pictures, the Taycan’s rear storage space appears to have a decent size. Combined with the vehicle’s relatively deep frunk, the Taycan’s trunk should allow drivers to carry a fair amount of cargo in the car during trips.

Porsche expects to start the Taycan’s production sometime this year. To prepare for this, the experienced carmaker is augmenting its Zuffenhausen site to accommodate new facilities for the electric car’s manufacturing. In a press release, the established carmaker revealed that it is investing over €700 million (over $797 million) to ensure that the production ramp of the upcoming vehicle is smooth and painless. Porsche is also expecting to hire 1,500 more employees for the production of the Taycan and its derivative, the Taycan Cross Turismo.

Porsche Taycan prototype’s massive brakes hint at serious track performance
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