Son gifts Tesla Dad with an awesome light up charging cable for the holidays

What do you give a Tesla owning Dad for the holidays that’s unique and inspires him to charge up each night? You give him one of the most thought out and, frankly, coolest Tesla related homemade contraptions we’ve ever come across: an animated light up charging cable.

We’ve seen 3D printed Superchargers in the past and clever ways to build a ceiling-mounted retractable Tesla mobile connector charger, but this animated charging cable takes the cake in terms of being the most inspiring and sophisticated Tesla DIY project we’ve seen.

ch00ftech describes through his blog post the steps he took that to construct the animated electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE). Though the end product was applied to Tesla’s UMC, it’s worth noting that it can be used on any EV charger using a 14-50 plug. We won’t outline all of the steps ch00ftech took to meticulously plan out his project, but it’s definitely worth a read especially if one intends to take on this how-to built from products that can be obtained through Amazon and your local home supply store.

If you do intend to tackle this project, ch00ftech notes that the product is not UL listed nor has it gone through the important testing phases that any similar electronic/electrical device has. “The schematics and design of this device are presented with no warranty as to their safety. It is up to the reader to assess the safety of any device they build based on this design”, notes the blog.

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