SpaceX fan creates LEGO Crew Dragon spacecraft, and it’s pretty awesome

SpaceX made history this year with its Crew Dragon Endeavor mission in becoming the first private astronaut transportation service, and now superfans can help bring a 1:35 scale version of the spacecraft used to stores as an official LEGO product.

The successful mission, named DM-2 (Demo 2), hurled veteran astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley aboard a Falcon 9 rocket into space where they docketed with the International Space Station (ISS) for about two months. A LEGO model designed by user BooCrackers12 seeks to accurately portray the DM-2 hardware details for SpaceX fans, including two mini figurines representing the travelers. Also included is the cargo trunk, the Dragon capsule itself, and a removable nosecone.

The Dragon LEGO module is posted on the company’s “Ideas” page wherein creative types can design their own brick sets. Once complete, the online community votes in support of the models they’d most like to see be brought to shelves. There are several tiers of qualifications to keep a model in the running, but after reaching 10,000 supporters, LEGO will review the project for approval as an official product.

The modeler who made the DM-2 mission has also created several other space-oriented LEGO sets that have garnered various levels of support. A SpaceX Dragon 1 design was posted in May and currently boasts over 1000 supporters, and mini versions of the NASA Mercury capsule and Israeli satellites are published as well. Of course, this recent set isn’t the first time one of Elon Musk’s companies has garnered LEGO fan attention.

In December last year, Tesla Cybertruck fan BrickinNick submitted a very detailed (and partially functional) set to the Ideas page portraying not only the pickup, but the CyberQuad as well. That set additionally included figurines of Musk and Cybertruck designer Franz von Holzhausen, with the latter holding a sledgehammer and a steel ball to poke fun at the mishap during the Cybertruck unveiling in November. In only a month, BrickinNick’s design earned the coveted 10,000 supporters. LEGO’s official review in was reportedly in May, and their decision is still pending.

You can review and support the Crew Dragon Endeavor model here.

SpaceX fan creates LEGO Crew Dragon spacecraft, and it’s pretty awesome
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