SpaceX to launch 15 Version 2 mini Starlinks from West Coast

A Falcon 9 stands ready at SLC-4E (Credit SpaceX)

Coming up at 9:09 p.m. PT (04:09 UTC on July 20), SpaceX plans to launch the first batch of V2 Mini Starlinks from the West Coast. The launch will take place from Space Launch Complex 4 East at Vandenberg Space Force Base.

Originally meant to launch yesterday evening, the countdown was aborted 5 seconds before lift-off. SpaceX did not specify a reason for the abort, however, during the first attempt of the night, the launch director paused the countdown due to a “perceived leak in the second stage,” which was heard in the company’s Mission Control Audio stream on YouTube.

SpaceX did say the vehicle and payloads were healthy and as of now, still pushing towards a launch attempt this evening.

This mission, Starlink 6-15, is the first time SpaceX will launch the Version 2 mini-satellites from the West Coast, previously having only launched Versions 1 and 1.5. SpaceX just launched the last planned V 1.5 satellites on July 15th.

V2 missions from the East Coast have launched 21 or 22 satellites at a time, however, this mission will feature 15 of the V2 mini-satellites. The satellites will launch South from Vandenberg Space Force Base and be inserted into a 43-degree orbital inclination.

The Falcon 9 launching this mission is Booster 1071, on its 10th flight. This booster has previously supported the launches of 4 Starlink missions, 2 NRO national security missions, 2 commercial payloads, and 1 NASA science mission. About eight and a half minutes after launch, B1071 will attempt a landing on the droneship ‘Of Course I Still Love You’ and then be towed back to the Port of Long Beach.

Be sure to catch the launch here!

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SpaceX to launch 15 Version 2 mini Starlinks from West Coast
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