SpaceX wins 2016 World Technology Network Award for space innovation

The World Technology Network hosted its 2016 World Technology Summit last night, December 8, 2016, at the Los Angeles times HQ Building in Los Angeles, California wherein all twenty category winners of their World Technology Awards were announced. SpaceX was named the award winner in their “Space” category for its innovations in the field.

The mission of The World Technology Network is to provide a forum for innovators across multiple disciplines in emerging technologies to find new and unique ways to collaborate. As described on their website:

  • “The WTN exists to encourage…happy accidents of colliding ideas and new relationships that cause the biggest breakthroughs for individuals and institutions…through global and regional events for its members…to help make connections among them…and to examine…possible applications of emerging technologies.”

Originally consisting of twenty-nine nominees, the “Space” category was narrowed down to five finalists. Competing alongside SpaceX for the award were Bigelow Aerospace, Blue Origin – headed by Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos – Planet Labs, and Rocket Lab. Membership in the network is only granted via the annual awards process, and judging is performed by current Fellows. The Summit is then followed by the World Technology Awards gala, a two-day conference held at the United Nations, comprising of keynote addresses, panel discussions, and networking.

Elon Musk won the individual award in 2014 for innovations in energy and space technology. Prior winners have also included Tesla, Paypal, Bill Gates, J.B. Straubel, Peter Diamandis, Richard Branson, and Bill Nye. Jeff Bezos won for the individual award in the “Space” category for 2016.

With a finalist position in this competition, making Glassdoor’s 2016 Top 50 list of “Best Places to Work”, and being ranked by as providing the most meaningful work for employees compared to other tech employers in March of this year, SpaceX is going to need a bigger awards & recognitions shelf to go along with that bigger rocket hangar.

There are only more innovations (and recognitions?) to come in 2017 – stay tuned!

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