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Starlink mini dish sales launch with a premium price

(Credit: SpaceX)

Starlink mini dish sales officially launched to a few loyal customers. However, the initial price of the Starlink mini dish is more expensive than expected. 

X user Kenneth K shared information about the Starlink mini dish’s sales launch. He is a long-term Starlink user and received an email about the mini dish launch from SpaceX. 

According to the email, the Starlink Mini Dish Kit costs $599. Earlier this week, Elon Musk shared a few details about the Starlink Mini Dish. He teased that the new dish would roll out inselect areas in a few months.Musk’s words hint that the email invites may be a way to test the Starlink Mini Dish’s performance before wide release.

Musk also stated that the Starlink Mini Dish would be half the price of the Standard Dish Kit and monthly subscription–presumably, he was referring to the Residential Service Plan. However, the Starlink Mini Dish Kit offered in Kenneth K’s email starts at $599, $100 more than the Standard Dish Kit—before discounts.

“Our goal is to reduce the price of Starlink, especially for those around the world where connectivity has been unaffordable or completely unavailable. But in regions with high usage, where Starlink Mini places additional demand on the satellite network, we are offering a limited number of Starlink Mini Kits to start for $599,explained SpaceX in its email. 

With the Starlink Mini Dish Kit, Starlink customers may bundle SpaceX’s Mini Roam service with their existing Residential Service Plan for an additional $30 a month. 

The Standard Residential Service Plan costs $120 a month for unlimited data. Starlink customers would pay an estimated $150 per month if bundled with the Mini Roam Service Plan. The Mini Roam Service Plan’s monthly fee provides 50GB of mobile data that can be used anywhere in the United States. Usage over 50GB under the Mini Roam Service Plan will cost an additional $1.00 per GB.

SpaceX will start Starlink Mini Dish Kit deliveries next month. The Starlink Mini Dish Kit and Mini Roam Service Plan can be availed through invite-only. 

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Starlink mini dish sales launch with a premium price
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