New survey compares demographic of Tesla Model X vs. Model S buyer

A new survey that polled nearly 500 Tesla owners, reservation holders, and enthusiasts found several key differences between Model S and Model X owners. This is my largest Tesla-focused study to date and is a follow up to last year’s 22-question owner’s satisfaction survey. The latest study finds both new interesting data and reaffirms Tesla’s high customer satisfaction rating, while also taking a peek at Model 3 demand.

Model X vs. Model S Owners

Differences in satisfaction between Model X and Model S owners show, Model X owners are 20% more likely to have had “non-routine” maintenance done. Despite this occurrence, 95% of Model X owners report that their vehicle “held up extremely well”. Both Model S and X owners alike rate the service department at 89% satisfied.

Overall, Model X owners spent on average 29% more on their vehicles than Model S owners, with the average price of their Model X purchase ringing in at $125,000 compared to $97,000 for Model S buyers. Both Model S and X owners had an average age of 53 years old. Model X owners showed a significant bump in household annual income versus Model S owners, ticking in at an average of $503,000 and $267,000 respectively.

Despite the fact that income levels of both Model S and X owners place them near the top 1% of household incomes in the United States, 94% of current owners claim that this is the most expensive vehicle they have ever purchased.

When asked how much one would pay for a 30% battery upgrade in 3 years, both Model S and X owners said they would pay over $5,900 for a battery upgrade. Assuming an average battery size of 83 kWh, based on the average of a 75 kWh and 90 kWh pack, we can assume a 30% increase in capacity would be somewhere on the level of 25 kWh. This would put the retail price for the upgrade at ~$235 per kWh, which seems reasonable given Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s prediction that battery costs could dip as low as $100 per kWh by 2020.

Model 3 Owners

Of Model 3 reservation holders, they expect to spend just over $48,000 on their Model 3. By comparison, preliminary data from crowdsourced database shows that existing Tesla owners will spend 7% more than first time owners and pay an average price of $55,084, based on contributors intended Model 3 configurations. 

Model 3 reservation holders held an 82.5% satisfaction rate with the reservation process.

The average age of a Model 3 reservation holder polled was 43 years, with an annual household income of $160,000. On average, Model 3 reservation holders indicated that they have been following Tesla for over 5 years.

Overall Results

Overall, 97% of respondents believed that Tesla is on the right track and 92% of owners believed that they will purchase a Tesla in the future. Additionally, 56% of owners plan on purchasing a Tesla Energy or SolarCity product in the next 2-3 years. This helps bring insight to the combined merger between SolarCity and Tesla that was completed in 2016.

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