Tesla China updates base Model 3 with price increase and better range rating

(Credit: Tesla Greater China/Twitter)

Tesla China updated Giga Shanghai’s Model 3 RWD variant and increased its price by about ¥15,000 ($2,350.21) to ¥250,900 ($39,311.23) after tax reductions. 

According to Tesla China’s online configurator, the new MIC Model 3 RWD, previously called the Standard Range Plus, qualifies for the new energy vehicle purchase tax reductions and fiscal subsidies. The Model 3 RWD’s tax exemptions could save buyers up to ¥40,000 ($6,267.23). The actual starting price of the new Model 3 RWD is ¥266,740 (@41,793.06). 

In its configurator, Tesla China explained that private new energy vehicles get a subsidy of around ¥15,840 ($2,481.82). Cars bought for non-private fleets or business operations get a subsidy of about ¥11,088 ($1,737.28). New energy vehicles with a starting price above ¥300,000 do not qualify for the subsidies. The Model 3 Performance, for example, costs ¥339,900 ($53,255.83) and does not qualify for any tax exemptions.

The new Model 3 RWD has a range estimate following the China Light-Duty Vehicle Test Cycle (CLTC) standard instead of the previous New European Driving Cycle (NEDC). Under the current CLTC estimates, the new Model 3 RWD has a range of 545 km (339 miles) compared to the previous 525 km (326 miles) NEDC estimate.

Deliveries for the new Model 3 RWD are expected to start in the first quarter of 2022, hinting that the outgoing Model 3 variant is already sold out for the remainder of the year. The Model 3 Performance still has an estimated delivery date listed in the fourth quarter of 2021. 

Based on the base MIC Model 3 RWD’s delivery estimates, demand for Tesla’s more affordable vehicles is still going strong. Giga Shanghai seems to be keeping up with reservations. The MIC Tesla Model Y Standard Range RWD is also sold out for the rest of 2021. However, Giga Shanghai estimates that base Model Y deliveries could start again by the first quarter of 2022. 

The dual-motor Model Y LR still has an estimated delivery date in the fourth quarter. Tesla China also plans to start Model Y Performance deliveries before the end of the year.

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Tesla China updates base Model 3 with price increase and better range rating
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