Tesla Giga Shanghai is getting ready for another round of exports

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Tesla Giga Shanghai is preparing to send another round of Model Y and Model 3 units to foreign territories. The next batch of exports bound for abroad should contribute to Tesla’s last quarter this year, closing 2021 out strong. 

Pictures of Model Y and Model 3 vehicles at a port in China were shared online. Based on Tesla Germany’s order page, the cars in the pictures might all be Model Y and Model 3 Long Range variants. The delivery dates for the AWD Model Y Long Range and Model 3 LR in Germany are December 2021.

Shipping from China to Europe usually takes approximately 30 days, meaning the Teslas would arrive at their destination around the second week of December. Tesla would then have at least 2 weeks to deliver the Model Ys and Model 3s to reservation holders, well within Q4 2021. 

Earlier this month, Tesla export trackers identified 10 ships traveling from Shanghai to Europe, loaded with Made-in-China Model 3 and Model Y vehicles. Two other Tesla ships were traveling from Fremont to Asia.

Earlier this week, Tesla China’s order page revealed that the MIC Model Y Standard Range is officially sold out in China for the remainder of the year. The delivery date for the Model Y SR in China is 10 to 12 weeks as of this writing. The delivery date for the Model 3 SR+ in China is still 6-10 weeks, hinting at the growing demand for the Model Y. 

Tesla hopes to make the Model Y the best-selling vehicle in any category by 2023. The all-electric crossover seems well on its way to attaining the company’s goal. Giga Shanghai has been instrumental in Tesla’s delivery numbers this year, especially regarding the Model Y. 

Giga Berlin was supposed to produce and deliver Model Y vehicles by the end of 2021 but has not received the green light to start operations yet from Brandenburg’s Office of the Environment (LfU). As Tesla’s main export hub, Giga Shanghai has stepped in to fill the delivery gap in Europe. In October alone, Tesla China sold 54,391 units, 40,666 of which were exported abroad.

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Tesla Giga Shanghai is getting ready for another round of exports
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