Tesla pondering 500k annual EV production in India: report

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Discussions are reportedly taking place between Tesla and the Indian government about an investment proposal to establish an electric vehicle factory in the country. Government sources reportedly noted that the facility will have a production capacity of 500,000 electric vehicles per year. 

India has become the world’s third-largest auto market, following China and the United States. Despite this, Tesla is yet to establish a presence in the country. Tesla seemed poised to enter the Indian market last year, though plans were stalled after the government reportedly refused to lower import taxes on the company’s cars.

But as per a recent report from The Times of India, Tesla seems to be trying its hand at entering the Indian market once more. Apart from establishing a facility that can produce 500,000 cars per year in the country, Tesla is reportedly exploring the possibility of using India as a base for exporting cars to countries in the Indo-Pacific region as well.  

The starting price for Tesla’s vehicles in India is expected to be around 2 million rupees (about $24,400). This is quite affordable compared to the Model 3 and Model Y, but it is still more than double the price of India’s cheapest electric car, the MG Comet. It will also be around half a million rupees higher than the Tata Nexon EV, India’s top-selling EV, as noted in a Reuters report.

Back in May, Tesla reportedly engaged in renewed discussions with Indian officials to explore the incentives provided by the government for its cars and battery manufacturing, as per previous reports. The talks this time around were led by the Indian Commerce and Industry Ministry, which is reportedly hoping to put together a “good deal” that will maintain a level playing field in the country.

During a meeting with Tesla CEO Elon Musk last month, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi encouraged the carmaker to make a substantial investment in India. Musk shared an optimistic update to reporters following his meeting with the Indian Prime Minister. 

“I am planning to visit India next year. I am confident that Tesla will be in India, and we will do so as soon as humanly possible. I would like to thank PM Modi for his support, and hopefully, we will be able to announce something in the future. It is quite likely there will be a significant investment in India. It was an excellent conversation with the Prime Minister,” Musk said.

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Tesla pondering 500k annual EV production in India: report
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