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Tesla investment in India becomes more likely after Elon Musk’s meeting with Modi

Elon Musk’s meeting with India’s Prime Minister (PM) Narendra Modi in New York seemed successful for both parties. During their discussion, Modi pushed for Tesla to make significant investments in India, which Musk seems obliged to do. 

“I am planning to visit India next year,” said Elon Musk. I am confident that Tesla will be in India, and we will do so as soon as humanly possible.

Elon Musk added it is “quite likely” that Tesla make a “significant investment in India in the future. PM Modi shared that he talked about various topics with Elon Musk, ranging from energy to spirituality. The Prime Minister invited Musk to India, and the Tesla CEO plans to visit next year. Modi believes Tesla could explore investments in India’s electrified transportation and commercial space. 

Musk stated that India can have a sustainable energy future with solar power, stationary battery packs, and electric vehicles. He is also thinking of bringing SpaceX’s Starlink satellite internet service to India. 

“I would like to thank PM Modi for his support, and hopefully, we will be able to announce something in the not-too-distant future,” Musk told reporters. 

Elon Musk also hinted that plans for Tesla in India were never taken off the table. Rumors about Tesla building a gigafactory in India have been spreading for some time now. However, discussions between Tesla and government officials have been kept under wraps. Earlier this month, though, local government officials stated that a Tesla Gigafactory in India would be offered “import concessions on the components required for the same.”  

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Tesla investment in India becomes more likely after Elon Musk’s meeting with Modi
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