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Tesla added 20 new Supercharging stations with 79 new chargers in China in April

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Tesla China released data regarding its Supercharging infrastructure growth in April last week, indicating that it opened twenty new Supercharging stations with seventy-nine new chargers in April. It expanded Tesla’s Supercharging infrastructure in sixteen cities in China.

Tesla added Superchargers in Shenyang, Beijing, Tianjin, Jinan, Jining, Yantai, Handan, Qingdao, Shangqiu, Chongquing, Kunming, Ngawa Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Yangzhou, Ningbo, and Zhoushan.

Tesla’s current Supercharging infrastructure in China amounts to more than 1,100 stations and over 8,600 individual chargers available to drivers in the country. China has been one of Tesla’s hotspots in terms of production and sales, as Gigafactory Shanghai accounted for a majority of the company’s deliveries last year: 51.7 percent, to be exact. Additionally, Tesla has utilized the Shanghai production facility as an export hub for customers in Europe as Gigafactory Berlin continues to ramp production of the Model Y all-electric crossover.

With over 30,000 Superchargers globally, Tesla has the most robust electric vehicle charging infrastructure available. The company’s prowess as the leader in EV infrastructure, as well as its growth in deliveries, has led to being listed as a nearly unanimous choice as the leader of the electrification in general.

Tesla said it would also add Superchargers in Tianjin, Weifang, Qingdao, Urumqi, Taizhou, Guangzhou, and Changsha in May, expanding the presence of its Chinese infrastructure even further.

Tesla has plans to expand its Supercharger network in the United States with two massive stations in California. Tesla submitted plans for its Hollywood drive-in movie theater and diner last week, and it’s also planning to build a 100-stall station in Barstow, California, halfway between Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

Tesla is building a giant Supercharger midway between LA and Las Vegas

The automaker also recently expanded its pilot program to allow other EV brands to charge at Tesla Superchargers in Europe. Last week, Tesla opened the program to drivers in Austria, Belgium, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.

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Tesla added 20 new Supercharging stations with 79 new chargers in China in April
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