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Tesla mobile app update adds ‘Recent Trips,’ updated trip planner UI

Credit: Tesla China/Twitter

Just like it does with its cars, Tesla regularly deploys software updates to its mobile app that include regular improvements and changes. In a recent update, Tesla has added a few new features, including the ability to view recent trips and an updated user interface for the Trip Planner function.

Tesla app update 4.26 has begun rolling out, featuring the addition of a “Recents” tab to the app’s location page, according to release notes shared by Not a Tesla App. The update also includes improvements to the mobile trip planner interface that features smaller text and moves the Send to Car button to the bottom, which now displays the trip length and time. It also adds a Cancel button beneath the Send to Car button.

Other additions to the Tesla app with this update include the addition of a new circular animation on the Energy Chart that signifies what time it is on the chart. Additionally, the automaker added app support for the Wall Connector in recent weeks, letting you view charging history and make adjustments to your charging schedule. While it was already available, the update is just now appearing in Tesla’s release notes, according to Not a Tesla App.

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Tesla added the ability to plan a road trip from your mobile device, dubbed “Trip Planner,” earlier this year. Other mobile app updates this year have hinted at the future addition of Apple AirPlay, along with adding the Drive on Sunshine feature which lets users charge their Teslas with excess energy from their Tesla Powerwalls.

You can see screenshots from the latest Tesla app update, version 4.26, below, as shared by Not a Tesla App with the version’s release notes on Sunday.

‘Recents’ added to location section

Credit: Not a Tesla App

Trip planner UI rearranged

Credit: Not a Tesla App

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Tesla mobile app update adds ‘Recent Trips,’ updated trip planner UI
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