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Tesla App Update shows Apple AirPlay is on its way

Credit: Tesla

Tesla’s latest App Update for Version 4.23 shows Apple AirPlay is on its way, confirming a feature addition that CEO Elon Musk promised to discuss with the automaker’s Audio Engineering team last year.

It appears Tesla is planning to add AirPlay for media playback in its vehicles, according to unsurfaced coding.

Tesla including AirPlay as a feature would nearly eliminate the need for owners to continue requesting CarPlay, Apple’s automotive interface that translates an iPhone screen to a car’s dash screen, displaying things like Maps, streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify, and other smartphone features.

It is not the first time Tesla has hinted toward adding the feature, as many owners have continued to request CarPlay or AirPlay in vehicles. AirPlay would only complement the audio quality and would not offer other features like Maps.

However, Elon Musk noted in a Tweet in May 2022 that AirPlay inclusion was absolutely a possibility and that it would help with the “incredible” sound system within the Model S and Model X, making them even more pristine.

There has been no concrete announcement that Tesla is including AirPlay in the App as of writing, but the coding undoubtedly hints the feature is certainly on the way.

In the past, we’ve seen coding hint toward other major features, including Tesla’s “Drive on Sunshine,” which would allow owners to charge their cars on solar energy that is generated from their home solar panels.

As previously mentioned, Tesla has been hesitant to add Apple CarPlay or any sort of integration to its vehicles as it has opted for other strategies to make its vehicles easy to access. Now that Tesla is seemingly ready to add it to its platform, it will undoubtedly make many owners happy and could potentially woo more prospective buyers of its vehicles with this simple change.

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Tesla App Update shows Apple AirPlay is on its way
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