Tesla Trip Planning improvements make their way to App

(Photo: Tesla)

Tesla Trip Planning improvements have made their way to the company’s App, now allowing owners to plan a route on their phone and send it directly to their car.

With the Tesla App Update Version 4.20.69, Tesla is rolling out “Trip Planner,” which will make planning road trips before leaving for your destination easier than ever before.

In the App, owners can now type in their destination, which will then describe the route and Superchargers needed to complete the journey. There is now a ‘Send to Car’ button located in the App, which will transmit the route, along with the Supercharger stops and travel time to the vehicle.

The feature allows for plenty of conveniences and a new ability to be prepared and study a route before a trip is taken.

We reported late last month that Tesla was planning to roll the feature out and had in some markets, but it appears it has finally made its way to the United States.

Unfortunately, Tesla only allows the Trip Planner to set a single destination. The current version is still void of the Waypoints feature that many owners fought for through in-car navigation.

Elon Musk hesitated to add Waypoints for a while but eventually gave way and added them in November 2021, referring to it as “Add Stop.” This allowed drivers to plan out a destination that they would arrive at but would also let them plan for specific stops on the way. After all, a road trip is not real without stopping at notable points on the way.

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Tesla Trip Planning improvements make their way to App
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