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Tesla updates its Autopilot dog house and makes a cabin improvement with new update

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Tesla made changes to its Autopilot dog house and also improved how your cabin will feel in the Summer months as warmer weather approaches for many of us.

The two improvements are a part of Tesla’s 2024.20 Software Update, which started rolling out internally to employees this past weekend.

Tesla’s Autopilot dog house is more commonly referred to as “Autopilot Jail,” and it punishes those who abuse its abilities.

Autopilot is not fully autonomous, and the feature requires the driver’s attention, which is tracked through the vehicle’s cabin-facing camera. With the removal of the Steering Wheel Nag, which is coming soon, Tesla is also refining how Autopilot penalties will be applied.

Additionally, Tesla focused on improving HVAC performance with the new 2024.20 Software Update, which many owners will undoubtedly appreciate. With pre-conditioning, getting into a Tesla when it is too hot, or even too cold, outside is much more comfortable than most vehicles. Nevertheless, Tesla is always taking things a step further.

Autopilot Dog House Update

Autopilot’s suspension is getting a slight adjustment. Although Full Self-Driving version 12.4 is also set to improve how the abuse of the system will go, Software Version 2024.20 is changing how drivers can regain the ability to utilize the driver assistance package.

According to Not a Tesla App, Tesla will give drivers the opportunity to have strikes removed. After five of them, drivers are suspended from Autopilot use. However, Tesla is now removing one strike for each seven-day period the driver goes without receiving one.

If you have four, and you can go a week without abusing the suite, you will go back to three strikes.

HVAC Improvements for Warm Weather

With Summer just around the corner for us in the Northern Hemisphere, 2024.20 is offering a better HVAC performance that will make the cabin more comfortable.

The AUTO climate mode will be improved to help cool down the cabin more efficiently but also at a faster pace. It will also maintain comfort at lower noise levels, as A/C fans at full speed can be loud and annoying.

Tesla has used cabin pre-conditioning to help get the interior to a more reasonable level before entering. Nothing is worse than getting into a car that hasn’t been cooled down during the Summer months, so this change will surely be appreciated by owners.

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Tesla updates its Autopilot dog house and makes a cabin improvement with new update
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