Tesla highlights multiple FSD Supervised v12 customer experiences

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Tesla has highlighted multiple recent Full Self-Driving (FSD) experiences from customers with the v12 software, as shared in a mega-thread on X this week.

On Tuesday, the main Tesla X account shared an article featuring multiple FSD videos from customers across the platform, showing a number of edge cases and how the vehicles handled them. The drivers in the videos are using either FSD Supervised v12.3.4 or v12.3.6, and Tesla notes the specific situations tackled by the semi-automated driving system in each video.

The so-called article, which is essentially just the series of seven videos, details different edge-case traffic situations, showing off some of the positive encounters customers have recently had with the neural net-based system. We’ve embedded each video below, or you can check out the article directly on X here.

Navigating a construction zone & taking into account signs from workers indicating when to proceed


Making a turn in a busy area with a large number of pedestrians crossing the street


Driving like a human would—with good spatial awareness & reaction time


Road etiquette matters


Braking for another vehicle despite having right of way


Adjusting to real-life situations that require temporary overriding of traffic rules


Giving adequate space to pedestrians

While it’s not entirely clear where Tesla’s social media and advertising divisions stand following multiple rounds of layoffs in the past several weeks, the company has taken no break from sharing select ads across socials.

Throughout late last year and early this year, Tesla’s focus on using social media platforms, especially X, as a means of advertising was becoming more apparent than ever. Meanwhile, many shareholders had been calling for the company to increase its advertising presence in general, especially for the sake of helping to educate the public on misconceptions about electric vehicles (EVs).

Many of the company’s executives had also been interacting directly with fans and shareholders on the social media platform in recent months, though at least a few of said executives have since departed. Tesla has also been highly focused on FSD ahead of the unveiling of a future robotaxi platform in August, recently offering free one-month trials of the software for the first time ever, and rolling out mandatory demos of the system with purchase of a vehicle.

The company is also seemingly preparing to launch FSD in China and potentially other markets in the coming months, being granted tentative approval in April. Recent wording spotted in a Tesla customer vehicle in China also suggests that FSD could be coming to the country sooner rather than later.

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Tesla highlights multiple FSD Supervised v12 customer experiences
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