Tesla adds two awesome new features with recent software update

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Tesla is adding two awesome new features, among plenty of others, with its most recent Software Update, v.2024.20.

Released internally over the weekend, Tesla is refining its massive Spring software update, which is packed with many features. We wrote about them here, and you can read up on all the improvements the automaker made to its vehicles.

However, there are two major improvements with the recent update that were detailed in the most recent release notes. One of them deals with safety through headlights, while the other is a simple entertainment fix, which actually brings improvements to a recent change in gaming with the Model S and Model X.

Adaptive Matrix Headlights

In Europe, Adaptive Headlights will bring major improvements to those with the Matrix design. According to Not a Tesla App, Tesla’s new Adaptive Headlight feature will better prepare for the curves in the upcoming road, improving visibility and, thus, making a safer driving experience.

The Matrix Headlights also received a major improvement earlier this year, as Tesla was able to add a unique feature.

This feature dimmed only certain LED bulbs within the headlight, allowing visibility to stay at a maximum while basically eliminating the potential of blinding someone in an oncoming vehicle.

Check out Tesla’s new Adaptive Headlights in action

These features could make it to U.S. and Canadian vehicles soon, but regulatory hurdles remain in America.

Beach Buggy Racing Gets Supercharger-specific Leaderboards

It’s definitely not as impactful as other features, but Tesla is making some attempts to bolster its arcade as a quality one after it began phasing out Steam from its cars.

Steam helped Tesla Model S and Model X owners achieve a world-class gaming experience in their vehicles. However, it was not as useful or successful as the company might have hoped, and it is being pushed to the wayside in new vehicles, according to owners who received a last-minute notification that their new cars wouldn’t equip the feature.

The Tesla Arcade is still available and the automaker is doing whatever it can to make the gaming experience fun and well-rounded.

It will now feature leaderboards at each specific Supercharger location in an attempt to create a healthy and fun competitive environment for those who choose to pass time while charging.

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Tesla adds two awesome new features with recent software update
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