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New Tesla Autopilot team jobs get posted

Jeremy from Sydney, Australia, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

New Tesla Autopilot team jobs were recently posted after the company started mass layoffs. 

Tesla listed a little less than 20 Autopilot team jobs on its career page recently, hinting that its bout of mass layoffs might be nearing its end. All the new Tesla Autopilot jobs are located in Palo Alto, California.

Based on the job titles, most of the new Autopilot team members will work on Tesla’s Full Self-Driving software. Below are a few of the job listings for Tesla’s Autopilot team. 

  1. Researcher Engineer, Foundation Models, Self-Driving
  2. Sr. Software Engineer, SLAM, Self-Driving
  3. Software Engineer, Frontend, AI Tooling
  4. Software Engineer, Backend, AI Tooling
  5. Software Engineer, Fullstack, Model Evaluation
  6. Software Engineer, Scenario Creation, Simulation
  7. AI Research Engineer, Foundation Models, Self-Driving
  8. AI Research Engineer, Generative Modeling, Self-Driving

Tesla is also looking to hire a Machine Learning Engineer, 3D Computer Vision, and Self-Driving. The role’s description suggests Tesla’s next steps for Full Self-Driving. Below is the description. 

  • Develop novel formulations and architectures for a wide variety of computer vision tasks.
  • Perform large-scale distributed training of deep neural networks to build a unified and consistent vector space for autonomous driving tasks (e.g., occupancy, occupancy flow, semantics, geometry, detection, drivable surface)
  • Design metrics, tasks, and datasets that aid in perception and autonomy
  • Deploy models at scale to millions of Tesla cars in the real world.
  • Strict adherence to strong software engineering practices to develop novel work quickly and safely

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New Tesla Autopilot team jobs get posted
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