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Tesla applies to install more battery manufacturing equipment at Fremont

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Tesla has been expanding the Fremont Factory, filings have shown in the past months, but now it is applying to install what is likely more battery manufacturing equipment in the plant.

We have been tracking the progress at the Fremont Factory for years, and as we reported last year, Tesla was building batteries and battery packs on the second floor of the plant. One of the projects it was working on, according to employees at the factory, was Cybertruck battery pack production, which was given a dedicated line and space on the second floor.

In mid-April, we reported that Tesla’s battery pack line on the second floor of the Fremont Factory was taking shape, as it had filed for additional refinements to the “Pack B-Build” assembly line at the plant. Tesla has another line for Cybertruck packs, which is known as the “CTA Battery B-Build.”

Tesla Fremont Factory is extremely space-confined, and it even applied for approval from the City to rearrange equipment on the second floor. This filing, which Tesla applied for on April 21, is listed as “Equipment Space Moves.”

It appears that the April 21 filing may already be complete, as now Tesla is planning to add supplemental manufacturing equipment on the second floor of Fremont.

Tesla applied to complete the installation of new equipment on April 28, which is titled “Tooling Package:”

“New manufacturing equipment adjacent to existing equipment on second floor of assembly building.”

Tesla has worked to expand the usable space in the Fremont Factory, and CEO Elon Musk stated last year the company was considering a sizeable expansion of the plant. It is the only manufacturing facility in Tesla’s lineup that produces all four of the automaker’s current vehicles. It will not build the Cybertruck but will help with the production of battery packs, as we uncovered last year.

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Tesla applies to install more battery manufacturing equipment at Fremont
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