Tesla battery pack line at Fremont takes shape, new filings show

Credit: Tesla

Tesla is building a new battery pack production line on the second floor of the Fremont Factory, filings show, and it is taking shape at the Northern California plant.

According to filings the automaker submitted to the City of Fremont in September 2022, Tesla is building a battery pack line on the second floor of its Fremont Factory.

It is the second battery pack manufacturing project at the plant. As we reported last year, Tesla is already building a preliminary Cybertruck battery pack line on the same floor at the factory.

This project differs from the Cybertruck line as Tesla filed it under a completely different name and as a separate project. The Cybertruck lines are listed as “CTA Battery B-Build,” while this separate line is listed as “Pack B-Build.”

EXCLUSIVE: Tesla Cybertruck battery packs to be built at Fremont Factory

The line is evidently taking shape and is several months into its construction, the filings show. While Tesla initially filed for the first permits in September 2022, the most recent filing was submitted yesterday, but there has already been one revision to the project, which occurred in December 2022, and the first tool installations on the line were performed in February 2023.

It appears Tesla may be making the line slightly larger than originally planned, as the new filings show that there is an additional tooling station being planned, as well as three additional air drops.

These new lines will likely supplement battery pack manufacturing for all four models, as Model 3, Model Y, Model S, and Model X are all produced at Fremont.

Tesla has continued refining the Fremont Factory and its battery pack manufacturing efforts for years, which is likely a never-ending project.

In recent memory, Tesla has established two new battery manufacturing lines, filed to build a new cell lab on the first floor of the Fremont factory, and made improvements to 4680 cell development at the Kato Road facility.

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Tesla battery pack line at Fremont takes shape, new filings show
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