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Tesla makes way for improvements at space-confined Fremont Factory

The Fremont factory. (Credit: Tesla)

Tesla is making way for improvements and potentially new manufacturing space at the space-confined Fremont Factory, new filings reveal.

Tesla submitted numerous filings over the past week that hinted toward factory improvements in the way of new tooling installments. Still, there have also been indications that the automaker is making room for other projects on the second floor, where its battery manufacturing projects occur.

Both filings from April 21 describe different projects that Tesla is performing at Fremont. The company filed for a tool installation on the first floor, where vehicle assembly occurs. Tesla filed to install new electrical receptacles on the first floor.

Additionally, the Fremont Factory is undergoing some rejuvenation regarding where things are located. Tesla is moving its industrial vehicles and chargers to another location, looking to make more room on the second floor. This filing is listed as “Equipment Space Moves.”

Last year, Teslarati revealed battery pack manufacturing was taking place on that floor, and with the project expanding, Tesla could be looking for additional room.

tesla fremont

(Credit: Tesla)

We revealed that Tesla was manufacturing Cybertruck battery packs on the Fremont Factory’s second floor. It is unclear if this is the only place Tesla is manufacturing Cybertruck packs. However, with the Cybertruck moving closer to production, Tesla could need the additional room for pack manufacturing as they will be shipped to Texas, where the all-electric pickup is being produced.

Tesla outgrowing Fremont

The Fremont Factory was Tesla’s initial production facility. As Tesla has expanded manufacturing, it has essentially outgrown the factory, which has forced the automaker to scramble and adapt.

As Tesla grew production of the Model 3 and Model Y, the company used sprung structures as temporary manufacturing spaces. These have since become permanent.

However, Tesla is even still struggling to have enough room at the Northern California facility. CEO Elon Musk said Tesla has considered expanding the plant, but a tour Morgan Stanley took early last year indicated the company had simply outgrown the space.

Analyst Adam Jonas said:

“The plant was never designed to produce 450k units (at its peak produced ~300k units before Tesla took it over from Toyota) which was immediately apparent at the tour. Tesla does not shy away from the fact the plant is inefficiently designed with 4 assembly buildings, one of which is a tent that cars are assembled in.”

Jonas also indicated the Fremont Factory’s lack of space “was notable and provides little space for trucks to drop off supplies in locations that make sense inside the plant.”

Tesla continues to improve the Fremont Factory with frequent filings. Be sure to check back to Teslarati for additional updates on Fremont.

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Tesla makes way for improvements at space-confined Fremont Factory
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