Tesla bundles Model X interior options in effort to streamline production

Tesla continues to reduce the number of unique features it offers on its fleet of vehicles in an effort to streamline production, this time creating a set of pre-defined interior options for the Model X. The update made to the Model X Design Studio now provides buyers with the option to choose from five unique interior bundles, each containing an optional carbon fiber upgrade. This is in sharp contrast to having some fifty unique interior combinations buyers can select from prior to the Design Studio update. Model X owners were previously given choices to select from headliner color, interior trim type and seat color, on an individual basis.

The new change follows a series of recent updates made to the Model S and Model X Design Studio, all seemingly geared towards maximizing production line efficiency. Just last week, Tesla discontinued its 90 kWh performance variant of the Model S and Model X – the P90D – leaving the company’s P100D as the new king of the hill. The Palo Alto-based automaker has also reduced the number of paint colors made available on its fleet of vehicles and eliminated the coil spring suspension, factory tow hitch and 60 kWh battery on the Model X.

The bundling of vehicle options could be something that will eventually make its way to the Model S and, almost certainly, the company’s upcoming mass market Model 3. Tesla CEO Elon Musk stated on the last company earnings call that the emphasis going forward is preparing for Model 3 production, ramping up the production line for 100 kWh battery pack, and moving forward with the activation of Tesla’s Enhanced Autopilot.

As the company continues on efforts to maximize production efficiency by ‘building the machine that builds the machine’, expect to see further reduction in the number of unique options made available on its fleet of vehicles, while it continues to bundle in new features that are the most sought-after.

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